Our Mission Statment
Simple is Best

Our mission statement is reflected throughout our business model, such as our 30 pages or less manuals. Though simple, it is beautiful to the eyes and easy to understand

Based in Kyotonabe City, Kyoto
Serving the Okinawa Islands, Chugoku Region, and Shikoku Island

Light Road Standards is the best choice
      - such words of gratitude is the source of our energy

Building On Established Company Foundations

Unlike other consulting bodies, we at Light Road Standards aim to be neutral, and not obsessed with changing well established working models. However, we do aim to make necessary ISO standard required changes that will complement your goals, and blend seamlessly with your company's history and methods.

Work With You

Our consultants have the ability to freely apply ISO standards to fit your business needs.

ISO standards are like the "ingredients"; your company is the "kitchen", and together we create the "recipe" or control system.

Customized Systems

Many consultants use cookie-cutter, or "Kintaro candy" manuals to be used by all its clients. However, at Light Road Standards, we recognize that not all business are the same, though in the same sector. Thus, we create customized systems and individualized manuals that work for your company and your company only.

Internal Growth

Many consultants setup "after-maintenance" programs to continue to build your systems, even after certification. We at Light Road Standards, believe that it is our responsibility as a company to train the system owners to recognize the areas of growth and make their own tweaks to the systems. We do, however, have the necessary support model in place when requested.

Team With LRS Standards

Open minded consultants with the goal of working within your business model. Effective guidance by a team with years of consulting experience and practical judgment. To assist your company create its own manual for the real-world situations. Professional training for your team - the power to grow your company is your company.

Comprehensive Assistance for
Achieving Compliance

Light Road Standards manuals and procedural documents are
beautiful, simple, and easy to understand

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