A S 9 1 0 0
(J I S Q 9 1 0 0)

AS9100 (JISQ9100) is a management system standard for ensuring product quality in the aerospace industry supply chain. Developed by Woking Groups and respected in countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, and Japan. This standard incorporates ISO 9100 standards plus 13 additional sector specific requirements, such as "configuration management". In the very near future it will be necessary for companies to be AS9100 certified in order to enter and obtain a trade license in the growing aerospace market.

Certified Suppliers Wanted

Boeing, GE Aviation Engine Division of General Electric Company, Rolls-Royce Allison Company, and Pratt & Whitney Company are requesting suppliers to register for AS9100 (JISQ9100), and it is expected that future demand will intensify.

For companies supplying parts and services to the aerospace industry, the acquisition of AS9100 (JISQ9100) certification is imperative. In addition, the number of companies that acquire Nadcap certification after acquiring AS9100 (JISQ9100) is increasing.

Aerospace industry specific
requirements added to ISO 9001:2015

  • Project management
  • Configuration management of the products
  • Requirements for initial product inspection
  • Communication requirements for reporting to the regulatory agency
  • Design verfication and validation
  • Management of the changes to production processes, design, equipment, tools, and non-conformance (NC) process management
  • Requirements for managing temporary work outside of the manufacturing organization
  • Requirements for managing incidental services
  • Requirements for inspection documents
  • Product preservation management
  • Requirements for management of equipment, tools and software programs
  • Requirements for validation and management of special processes
  • Verification of production processes

AS9100 (JISQ9100) Will Be a Requirement

Boeing and Airbus require all direct suppliers to conform to AS9100 (JISQ9100) standard (Third-party certification). In addition, Rolls-Royce also requires all its suppliers to conform to the AS9100 (JISQ9100) standard (Third-party certification).

Benefits of AS9100 (JISQ9100) Certification

  • Gain best practices of the aerospace industry
  • Gain opportunities to enter the global market
  • Show clients a tangible policy of "providing quality products and services"
  • Reduce operating costs, improve profitability and productivity
  • Facilitating trade with the world's aerospace manufacturers
  • Registered in the OASIS database and are expected to expand their orders.
    (OASIS : AS9100, JISQ9100, EN9100 certified company, global accredited certification database)
  • Opportunity to improve internal processes to maintain high-end quality
  • AS9100 is an acquisition condition for Nedcap (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program) certification

Quality Assurance Adoption

The Ministry of Defense has adopted AS9100 (JISQ9100) for quality assurance in product procurement

NASA has adopted AS9100 (JISQ9100) for quality assurance in product procurement

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has decided to adopt JISQ9100 as one for the quality assurance requirements of procured items

Future Trends In the Aerospace Industry
The aerospace industry is expected to double in the next 20 years

Growth Forecasts For
The Next 20 Years
(source: Boeing)

35,280 new aircraft equivalent to $ 4.8 trillion (internal change: 14,350 aircraft)

Business Jets
Continue to Expand
  • The number of aircraft is expected to double to 31,000 in 20 years.
  • Production of more than 10,000 new aircrafts within the next 10 years. An increase in production from 2022 to 2032 of 14,000 aircrafts
JAL Orders 32
Mitsubishi "MRJ"
(over 3 trillion yen)
  • Current orders of the MRJ is 407 and orders are expected to increase
  • Over the next 20 years, demand for small aircrafts is expected to be 5,000 units

Comprehensive Assistance for
Achieving Compliance

Having close ties with a leading AS9100 and AS9120 auditor in the United States, allows our company's consultants to provide you with practical business solutions, reliable guidance, and dedicated support.

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