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ISO27001 is an international standard and a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). The framework is to adequately manage the various risks involved in the information that the company possesses and enhance the value of the company by keeping business assets secure.

Moving forward, it is essential for a company to build corporate trust by securely protecting valuable information. It involves companies to make improvements in their corporate management skills, boost employee morale, and adopt an information security management system.

The number of incidents of Information leakage is on the rise in Japan and overseas

With security breaches of the Japan Self-Defence Forces, and police investigation leaks; opened the door for industries to reconsider how information security is managed

If you lose your customer's data or if a virus spreads from your organization, then your company's credibility will be lost.

What are Some of the Benefits?

  • Establishes business credibility on how security risks are managed
  • Have a system to keep confidential "information" secure
  • Increase employee morale[Employees have a sense of ownership in understanding how their handling of information can have an impact on the company]
  • Better organization and improved management skills [The establishment of the information security management system will ensure that the responsibility and authority of each administrator are clarified, each employee will know specific procedures to follow, and promotes a corporate culture of security]
  • Transform "information" as a management resource

Three Balances of Information

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability ~ it is possible for you to effectively use information assets that the company possesses.

Benefits of Certification

Using an ISMS will add value to the enterprise and stakeholders, gain a marketing advantage, and open doors to the global market.

Comprehensive Assistance for
Achieving ISO 27001 Compliance

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