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ISO 22000 is an international standard for implementation of a certified food safety management system for all organizations in the food chain, from "farm-to-table".

In recent years, food poisoning, food ingredient counterfeiting, BSE issues, avian influenza, and the like, has made "safety and security" a top priority for the food sector.

In the food sector, more and more companies have been working on HACCP since the mid-1990s, and recently more companies have acquired ISO 9001. Prior to the introduction of ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) in 2005, there has been no standard for ISO management system standards focusing on food safety.

Food For Thought

If brought to trial on a food related incident, would you win?
How do you build a food safety management system?
The most important thing is to create a highly safe food plant and environment. In order to achieve this, it is imperative to enforce the Seven Keys of Success

Seven Keys of Success

  • Sterilization
  • Disinfection
  • Organize
  • Orderliness
  • Cleanse
  • Cleanliness
  • Discipline

Improve safety awareness throughout the company, clarify food safety rules, observe established rules, educate well, monitor items, and remedy problems. In short, this means implementing the twelve tasks required to develop a HACCP system that is designed to ensure that the seven key principles are applied.

Benefits of Certification

It will ensure that the demand made by the consumer and business partners for high quality and safe food products will be met. The food safety management system is recognized internationally and opens potential access to new markets domestically and internationally. Most of all, it demonstrates your organization's commitment to food safety.

We will help organize your prerequisite programs (PRPs) and assist in food hazard analysis and its risk assessment flow diagram (process map creation). Assist in analyzing and assessing biological, chemical, and physical hazards from the receipt of raw materials to manufacturing and delivery. Identify food safety risks and consider control measures.

Clients Will Know You Can...

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Builds long-term employee, and consumer trust in your company

Comprehensive Assistance for
Achieving ISO 22000 Compliance

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