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The basis of environmental ISO is eliminating waste, to protect the environment, and to improve corporate environmental performance thorough five key factors. It is a corporate social responsibility to comply with laws and regulations in response to emergency situation.

Japan Faces Unprecedented Crisis

Need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. Great earthquake of eastern Japan. Energy reduction associated with a nuclear accident. Meet such challenges by incorporating an ISO 14001 environmental management system

Eliminate Waste: 5 Factors

  • Organize
  • Orderliness
  • Cleanse
  • Cleanliness
  • Discipline

Who Uses Our Services

Companies are evaluated along with social needs. Is it a company that is beneficial to the community? Is there risk? Working on ISO14001 will answers those questions within the scope of legal regulations. In addition, CSR (fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility) will be developed to ensure response to unintentional emergency situations.

Consider Our Services

So what do we specifically do? First, we will make an evaluation of environmental aspects as well as identify significant environmental aspects (such as garbage and water) Then manage the identified environmental aspects that are declared significant according your criteria. We will also identify emergency situations.

We Provide All The Necessary Information

(identification of environmental laws, legal regulations, qualifications, and revisions)

Comprehensive Assistance for
Achieving ISO 14001 Compliance

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