A S 9 1 2 0
(E N 9 1 2 0)

AS9120 (EN9120) standard is one component of the AS9100 series, designed for non-manufacturing businesses related to the aerospace industry supply chain. It is for logistics companies, stockist or pass-through distributors and trading companies.

AS9120 standard defines specific aircraft quality management requirements for pass-through distributors of components for aviation, space, and defence organizations. The emphasis in this standard is to ensure compliance and product preservation. Based on ISO 9001, but with nearly 100 additional requirements specific to aerospace distributors. AS9120 provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system focused on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability.

AS9120 standard addresses the specific splitting method (the requirements for batch and lot splitting), record management, traceability (from receipt of the product to delivery), evidence of conformance (specific documents that indicate that these requirements were met) and so forth.

Certified organizations dealing with products for the aerospace industry can create a sustainable competitive advantage over other rival companies in the global market.

Comprehensive Assistance for
Achieving Compliance

Having close ties with a leading AS9100 and AS9120 auditor in the United States, allows our company's consultants to provide you with practical business solutions, reliable guidance, and dedicated support.

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